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Organisations are not about the premises, the equipments or the technology behind them. If it were that, all of them would look like clones. Organisations are about people, the faces that represent them. Mediacle is made up of young and energetic go-getters. From a team of 4 to 32, the organisation has grown exponentially in the last one year. A survey with our clients, affiliate, employees and vendors will always evoke positive responses. We are seen as honest beings, working towards making our clients satisfied. It is our endeavour to maintain our values and built an eco-system of happiness.

Core Management Team:

Santosh Jain

Founder and CEO

Steering the organisation with his enthusiasm and zeal, Santosh Jain’s vision is to secure a leading position for Mediacle on the global map. He started his career in 2005 as an affiliate specialist and went on to lay the foundations of his very own iGaming affiliate management agency in 2013. He was awarded ‘Best Young Entrepreneur’ at the Management and Leadership Awards Ceremony by LSC. He has honoured the title by successfully leading his agency to become a full service digital agency in less than a year.

Lalit Jain

Co-founder and Managing Director, Operations

It takes two to tango. Mediacle would have remained a dream if Santosh Jain did not have an equally passionate partner. Lalit Jain has been the strength of this exponentially growing organisation. Having spent a year in the leg work, Lalit Jain has set up a robust infrastructure which runs like an automated engine, smoothly and efficiently. He believes that ‘nothing worth having comes easy’. His inspires the team with his hard work and objective thinking.

Sarah Pearce

Head of Finance

Mediacle has been founded on good business ethics. Sarah Pearce and her team of meticulous managers have helped Mediacle meet all its commitments from financial stand point. Timely recoveries and an even more timely payment schedules have helped maintain happy relationships, the pillars of any service organisation.

Besides, we have other forerunners who share the same values and work with a mindset of giving their best, each day, every hour. Together, we have an experience of 3 decades which reflects in our best-in-class services and flawless executions. To know more about us, feel free to drop us an email or buzz us. We are extremely approachable and have a response time of less than a day. We will be happy to connect and chat up over a cup of coffee.

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