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3D Animation & Modelling is achieved through a process called rigging. It is nothing but creation of digital wire-frames using set algorithms. The skeleton acts as a structure of the object. They give an output so real that it is often difficult to point out if the visual being is shown is shot using cameras or is created using modelling software. It is most frequently used in movies to show action scenes or imaginary motions. We love this art form which combines the traditional sketching skills with modern computer animation.

What are the services included?

Architecture Modelling

Architecture Modelling

Architects draw blueprints of their projects and create built-to-scale miniature models of their hotels or buildings to help buyers visualise the properties. Our 3D animation and modelling service is useful form the point of view of estimating space utilisation and even explaining key features in a marketing exhibition. They can used to show design exteriors, interiors and even landscapes.

Product Modelling

Product Modelling

When marketing teams come up with new category or new product ideas, it is difficult to ascertain the complexity form user point of view. From the production stand point as well, it is important to study the nuts and bolts. Our 3D animation and modelling service helps marketers bring their imagination to life, without doing substantial investment in creating mock ups.

Character Design

Character Design

Whether it is for kid’s entertainment or for marketing of a product concept, if you need to design an animated character, we can offer our creative and technological expertise in 3D modelling. We believe character design has a lot to do with the ability of the artist to add uniqueness and aids for remembrance. Mickey Mouse’s 3 finger hands are an inspiration for our designers who strive to achieve excellence of that caliber, nothing less.

Why hire Mediacle?

3D animation and modelling is a lot of hard work. It is as much about the people working on it as it is about the software. We pride ourselves in having recruited the cream of the industry who knows this trade in and out. Our first memory of 3D animation is of scary dinosaurs, whales and alligators in movies. Our artists have a portfolio which spans from such realistic character design to modelling for the engineering and architecture industry.

We follow a systematic step by step process to show our clients incremental progress which can be iterated based on feedback. We believe no project is too complex and begin by putting together our fundamentals on anatomy and sketching. We believe that converting lines to shapes, stretching them to bring more dimensions and then playing around to give it life, can be done in a matter of few hours as well. If you are looking for a quick turnaround and are stuck with low budget, you can try our affordable and efficient services. We look forward to hear from you and discuss your brief.

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