6 Ways to Avoid Mobile App Development Failure

You have a great concept for a mobile app development. It’s the next big thing for your company and you want it to succeed and bring in the money. Even if you are a complete novice in the app development field, with the basic plan in place, you can avoid the common pitfalls that plague the mobile app development.

Research about your prospective mobile app users

What’s your target audience? Is it the young audience or the more experienced and focused older people? What do you want your app to do? How will it help them? All these questions related to the mobile app development should be answered, before you even put the app into place. You should have a clear idea about the functionality of the app, its requirements, specification and the overall project details on hand, before building the app.

It helps to conduct market surveys, collect user opinions, data and their habits, to understand what they want.

Develop a road map for your mobile app development

A clear roadmap is part of the mobile app development strategy. You can use the various Project Management tools available to make a complete plan for your app development. Every detail of the mobile app right from the concept, requirement, specification collection, design and development, testing and maintenance should be pre-planned to avoid any pitfalls.

Time and cost management is an effective way to bring your mobile app development, more in tune with the budget allocated for it. Allow sufficient buffer time to overcome the usual project delays.

Bring abroad the right people

Mobile app development is not a walk in the park. You need experienced people on board if you want your app to succeed. Have people from the departments on which your mobile app focuses on. If it’s marketing or IT related, get those people on board to provide feedback on what they should expect from the app.

Whether the app is developed in-house or from outside agencies, a right mix of experienced developers, managers, marketers among others will make it smooth sailing.

A Functional Mobile App with High User Friendliness

You spend a lot on building the mobile app, only to find out it doesn’t work as it should. A crisp, user friendly interface won’t guarantee the mobile app’s success, if it fails to function as it should.

The users are more forgiving if the functionality of the app works, even if the design is on the moderate side. A right balance of the real life design and the user friendly interface will make your mobile app work.

Test and Test Again!

Once the mobile app is completed on time the next step is to release it on the market. Facing competition from the numerous apps flooding the market, it’s a time sensitive activity. Before doing this, vigorous testing must be done to filter out the bugs and the defects, which are almost certain to creep into the app.

It is an important activity, which verifies whether the app is built, as it’s designed or expected. Complete Functional, UI, Network and Application testing should be carried out before releasing it. An incompletely tested app will have the users rejecting it, if there are functional issues in it.

Frequent software updates and bug fixes will be both time consuming and costly, if an under tested mobile app is in the market.

What’s your Mobile App usage?

You have released the mobile app that’s just right for the users. Everything’s going well. Is it? The tough part is tracking the usage of the features of your app. Collecting data about its usage, when the feature freezes, hangs up, what triggers them – provides an insight on how to improve them, fix the bugs etc.

Tracking gives feedback to the developers, testers, marketers on ways to improve their product. What additional features do they want? Keep a close eye on the various data analytics and it will guide you in your future mobile app developments.

Acknowledging the above ways to avoid a mobile app development failure, is the first step towards the success of your app. Putting a proper plan, with people and processes in place, along with an effective and efficient time, cost management strategy, equals your mobile app’s success.

At Mediacle we will ensure that you don’t make these mistakes. Our team is well versed to handle these hurdles and deliver a quality mobile app product, for your business needs. Contact us for your future projects to avoid these Mobile App Development Failure.