The Chameleon Called ‘Facebook’

Facebook has been re-defining its looks every year, so it’s no more a shock unlike the initial days. It’s just that the marketers should keep themselves up to date with all latest tech updates, to survive in this e-social world!

Let me brief some recent changes that we’ve noticed in ‘Facebook‘.

1. Pay to Play

The Facebook has come up with ‘Edge Ranking’, which determines the post to be seen by your audience accordingly! In short, Facebook control’s your posts, whether it is to be seen by your page’s fans.

Name it ‘Facebook’s edge ranking’ or call it ‘changing Algorithm’ whatsoever I want my products/ services to be known to mass and how do I do that?

Should I pay and play around in Facebook or in this case any social media channels or (Put your eggs in different baskets)

It is a big deal for a business to see the sudden decline in the ‘Reach’ numbers to almost 90%! Possibly one of the main reasons for Facebook to adopt this strategy could be, the businesses are posting more of sales-driven content as opposed to valuable content targeted to the audience.

In a simple language, Facebook just tells that, hello boss- lets together make money, you pay me and I’ll promote you! So it’s about a simple win-win approach.

2. Facebook Page Insights looks better & more informative

We’ve seen a new feature within Insights, which allows you to compare the performance over time. The new UI looks faster and cleaner, however, people feel like they are being drowned in data. Marketers can now be smarter in filtering the data and have a good understanding of the budget being spent and strategize accordingly. But too much data makes me more confused!

3. Filtered news feed

Facebook has rolled out controls on promotional posts. People can now have more customized posts to be seen from the pages. It is a good factor for the end user. However, from the marketers’ point of view it is not good news, because

  • Limited ability to promote marketing campaigns
  • Unable to reach the mass
  • The post can be condemned

4. Facebook CTA button

The latest Facebook CTA button is just wow’! Really?? Yes, it is! The feature allows your audience to direct to the page, they want with customized CTA button!

Facebook CTA Button

Marketers can direct their audience accordingly and it’s a good point from Facebook. But again, I am very skeptic about the fact that when I have a limited accessibility to my audience, with the latest ‘pay to play’ model from Facebook, how do I optimize this CTA button! And again it need not be the case, that once I install this CTA action, I’ll drive the sales!

However again, the ball is in your court! Make a smart move and reap the benefits!

5. Virtual reality in your news feed!

Yes, Facebook is working on the virtual reality platform, to help you share your 360 degree view of your exotic experiences. Imagine, you just need to put a goggle search and you can have a total feel of the environment. I am definitely looking forward to this.

Facebook is just getting funneled with time! We’ve seen a lot of incremental innovation in Facebook every year – from timeline to news feed, to paid campaigns, Ice Bucket Challenge and now CTA and the virtual reality!

Facebook has always been a great platform for the end users, and it leaves no stone unturned to surprise us every now and then. However, with its ever changing features, it is becoming a challenge for the marketers! Facebook is nothing less than a Chameleon!

So, a marketer either adapts to these ever changing roles of Facebook or better focus on the number conversion!

From the marketer’s perspective, I find it difficult to keep tweaking my presence in this platform! I either pay more to push my product/service presence or just be like the ‘still water in the pond’! Get in touch with us if you have queries with Social media Management, at Mediacle we have some of the best and dedicated managers who will take off the social networking tension of your brand.