How to market your mobile app?

‘Marketing’ with a capital M is the magic word for getting to be on the top mobile apps list? Having a digital mobile app marketing plan will boost your apps overall position to a new level. And at Mediacle, we have the best resources to make this possible.

Before dwelling on what we can do, glance through the list of things which can make or break your mobile apps success:

Pre Launch, Launch and Post Launch Marketing

Generating interest in a mobile app which is not yet developed is what the pre launch digital marketing strategy is all about. SEO, Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media are the different tools that is part of the pre launch marketing.

You can indulge their curiosity about the mobile apps with an effective content that gives titbits about the apps functionality, whether it supports Android or iOS app development platform, design, look and feel, without divulging any concrete details.

You can use the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. to create a buzz about the app. Info graphics, great graphics designs, video promotions with the right keywords and a catchy punch line is what grabs the user’s interest.

The best way to get the post launch marketing kick started is through feedbacks. Word of mouth is not the only way potential users can hook onto your mobile apps. Submitting your mobile app to review sites is a good way for the users to check out your mobile app.

Encourage the users who have downloaded your app to give their reviews. This is a feedback for the developers, and marketers to know what the user experience is. They can improve their product in the later versions.

In between this is the actual Launch plan for the mobile app marketing strategy. This is again a mixture of the Pre and Post launch plan. You go full guns blazing in this phase of the plan, ofcourse within the budget allocated.

Create out of the box ways to market your apps

The innumerable apps that are released everyday are a big hurdle for the companies to get to the top position. Almost all the mobile users use their smartphones to conduct their daily online activities. You can have teaser videos, email newsletters and contests, as a great way to grab the attention of the mobile users about your apps.

Build Hype around your mobile app by giving out PR’s about the launch and release. Give interviews, and have your mobile apps reviewed by the top tech blogs. The more hype you generate, the better are your chances of users using your app.

What to expect from an effective mobile apps marketing

You can see a big difference in the increased sales and downloads which in turn boost your online mobile apps presence. There is a better ROI and value for money when your mobile app marketing strategy pays out.

You can expect a deluge of questions, queries from the users who have downloaded your mobile app. The users have a high customer response and services time expectation. This makes it imperative that they have a proper plan in this regard. Including this feedback options is a chance to connect with your apps users.

A successful mobile app marketing strategy includes retaining your mobile apps users. You must have a consistent and recurring feature which will make them come back for more. You can highlight this, with reminders and providing latest updates.

At Mediacle, we offer several options to the clients for making a big splash in the marketing front. You can make utilise our mobile app marketing services to be higher on the apps download list.