Search Engine Optimisation Myths and Facts

Search Engine Optimisation Myths

Search engines have wired algorithms that keep changing and penalize my site for nothing. We at the Mediacle have heard more about this throughout our experience in optimizing our client’s sites. So we thought we could clear some doubts about the ongoing Search Engine Optimisation myths. Here you go:

1. Is SEO witchcraft or voodoo?

If you really think that Search Engine Optimisation is witchcraft or voodoo, then either you are at the beginner level or a person who does not have enough knowledge about search engines. The first question that will come to your mind is ‘what is Search Engine Optimisation?’

Basically, it’s a technique to optimize your website, based on the search users you want to target. All search engines work on a math algorithm, which means it can be tested. One can easily know if his SEO strategy is working for him or not. If SEO was witchcraft we would have not replicated our results time to time for our clients. If you had a bad experience with your previous SEO expert agency, make sure this time you contact a reputed one. Maybe the information at the end of this blog will help you to choose your next :)

2. SEO is economical

A professional SEO service does not come at cheap price, everyone knows that. You don’t want to hire an agency which simply throws down keywords in your content page, make some spam titles & create duplicate content to create massive amount of back links which will be later penalized by the search engines. This strategy might have worked few years back, but as the search engines are getting smarter and smarter, you need smarter people to work on your website to keep up the race. When you hire Mediacle, you simply don’t hire an SEO service, you hire dedicated and knowledgeable optimizers with professional SEO services who constantly keep up with their knowledge, testing and working to achieve quality results.

3. SEO audits are inexpensive

Well, you can find a lot of cheap tools online which will give you a quick website audit. Well, a couple of years back it was very easy to do so. You write a few lines about the audit and pass it to the clients. But from an auditor’s perspective, it is completely unethical.

We at Mediacle have an expert team, which runs the audit through trustworthy tools & does a manual check up. Our auditor’s have found so many other threats, which sometimes your cheap tools would have not even spotted. The team runs it through various levels of checking, making sure the final audit report is the perfect one. For a professional SEO services, it is also important that your auditor has a complete knowledge about the penalties & the algorithms, so that whatever changes they recommend will only help in getting better results. So, the next time you hear that SEO reports are cheap, make sure this comes to your mind before you make a choice for your website.

4. Just build your website with great content and the ranking will follow

Simply building a website with great content, won’t help your website to rank higher or have great traffic. But isn’t content king? Yes, writing high-quality content not just for the search engines, but also for the readers with optimized keywords is always the key and the first step. But jumping into the competition, without a link building strategy will only make you fall flat on the battlefield.

Isn’t Link building bad for SEO these days? No, making spammy content, using duplicate content or buying huge number of back links to your website is bad. Some of the paid links will use duplication strategy to publish on the Internet, to provide you a very high number of back links. This will only get you penalised as the search engines encounter it. These days algorithms are getting way smarter, but we at Mediacle with our expert link building team spend hours to acquire a high-quality link with a rich unique content which will not only increase your ranking but also divert a huge amount of traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation Facts

Search Engine Optimisation is an online marketing strategy to optimize your website according to the search users whom you intend to target. It’s a way to increase your website traffic, without paying for any ad campaigns. Research has shown that, most of the online users decide the credibility of a website based on its organic online presence. So if your website is not yet ranked on the Google search pages, chances are many online users might not visit your website. Still not convinced that Search Engine Optimisation is a worthwhile marketing investment?

Even if you have had some bad experience through ineffective SEO services in the past or don’t think you can afford the time or money to invest in Search Engine Optimisation, you need to reconsider your stance on SEO. Have a look at some of the Search engine optimisation facts below.

Search Engine Optimisation