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The source of queries is multiple – web, email or call. But all of them go the same low staffed, over occupied IT department which is so busy solving issues, there is no time to undertake hygiene tasks like bucketing, updating status or sending acknowledgement emails. Both users and the admin staff get caught in vicious circle of pending query status and growing frustration. A web based e-ticket system can take away the hassle of lot of routine tasks by automating them. It also frees mind space to undertake more productive tasks.

What are the features it offers?

For Administrators

For Administrators

Emails, their auto response, their reply and the auto response to that reply creates a never ending chain of messages which can be lost in transit, at least in the memory lane. Our helpdesk solution which is easy to integrate with your existing internal resource site, can simplify tasks to a large extent.

  • There is virtually no limit to the amount of load it can take it. You don’t have to bother about taking backups or deleting old data.

  • The interface allows users, sub-users, admin or any other authority to login and undertake tasks based on permissions granted.

  • It can automatically categorise emails based on their subject line or departments. Emails with a ‘Re’ get bucketed as response messages.

  • Tickets can be assigned status like ‘follow up’,’closed’,’re-opened’ etc for better management.

  • Managers can assign tickets to specific staff members who can attend to the consumer query and change status on completion. Managers can limit the number of open queries and thus drive accountability from their sub-ordinates who will be compelled to solve the issues and close tickets.

  • For similar complaints, it is possible to trace back solutions applied in the past. An intuitive search function helps filter similar emails.

  • Our helpdesk solution comes with a locking feature which allows only one manager to respond to a query and avoids duplication.

For Users

For Users

A typical help desk attendant is usually pre-occupied with many issues and tasks at hand. Users find their query calls go nowhere and often feel frustrated with constant reminders that need to be given to resolve urgent issues. Our e-ticket system can help them get their matter heard and responded to.

  • Users can view, edit and check status of their queries or complaints.

  • Our e-ticket system automatically escalates matters that are not resolved within pre-defined time limits. Thus, every query is satisfactorily answered.

  • Our helpdesk solution does not take away the convenience of sending queries through email. One is not required to login to a portal at all times.

  • Users can send screenshots of the bug being faced by pasting it directly in the email or as an attachment.

All this does not come in a boring ‘text only’ format. Our helpdesk solution has rich media features which make emails capable of carrying pictures, logos and other branding material of your customer friendly helpdesk.

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