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New opportunity, new challenge! We are game.

With most people hooked on to an iOS or an Android, accepting Windows is a big challenge. The learning process on a new platform begins from base zero. From a developer stand point, there have been rough edges but life has smoothened out now. We now have a full fledged in-house team who knows Windows application development in and out. Microsoft’s marketing efforts have already begun to pay off with the app store crossing the 100,000 mark. While that figure is no where close to Google Play or Apple’s Store, it is going to be difficult to ignore this newbie. And, next time you think of designing an app, you cannot leave out this big guy.


What is our application recipe?

We don’t make what the client likes. We make what the consumers will love:

We don’t make what the client likes. We make what the consumers will love:

When it comes to applications, we know the consumer pulse. And we can be brutally honest to reject or improvise on a client idea which does not ring a bell. We are committed to making applications that consumers happily switch to their home screen. And to be sure, we conduct research at ideation, proto and pre-launch phases as well. After all, there is no point doing a post mortem.

We make applications that make business sense

We make applications that make business sense

We believe that applications which bring value on table can be commercialised to pay off the owner. From sponsorships to paid downloads, we know the secret to making money from applications.

We make applications reach the peak of popularity index and stay there

There are numerous paid efforts which can help you get to the top charts but do you know the mantra to sustain it? Our marketing gurus have put enormous amount of time, effort, energy and resources to learn the success codes of Windows app store. You can stay assured; we can’t go wrong.

Why hire Mediacle?

Windows app store is a new entity. We have been so curious that we step an in house team to just have a good time playing around with its features. The team has spent months to put the jigsaw together but today we have a library of codes and resources that can help our clients get it first-time right. Our futuristic vision has always paid off. Believe us; we are already making something for the wearable technology. Our applications have always been sources of inspirations for others and we are proud to have most of our creations high on popularity. From design to marketing, we can be with you all the way through. We also offer maintenance services which helps clients built add on features and higher versions without re-inventing the wheel. We have a proprietary process and methodology which helps take applications from design to launch in a phased out manner. To know more about our USPs, feel free to drop us an email or buzz us. We would love to discuss your requirement and give a thoughtful direction.


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