Galaxy Affiliates

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Renowned Network For IGaming Industry

When two entities from similar area of work come together, there can be mutually beneficial partnerships. But they need to be nurtured with trust and loyalty on both sides. A lot of affiliate programmes falter when it comes to designing the terms of engagement and honouring them. Negotiating the terms and managing affiliates on a daily basis also becomes a daunting task. It takes experience to build a happy network which runs on favourable terms. Galaxy Affiliates offers an opportunity for Casinos and iGaming affiliates to join hands under its trusted affiliate programme.


What are the key features of Galaxy Affiliates Programme?

Attractive Financial Terms

Most affiliate programmes fail on account of complications in the payment terms and commission structures. We have learnt it through 20 years of rich experience. Our commission begins with a hefty 30% followed by increasing slabs. Other benefits include continued life time earnings for active players and extra commission for players who use other brands from network. So, you may invest effort in getting a player on board just once but you can reap benefits forever.

Brilliant Technology

Affiliate network management is a lot of hard work. Tracking of promotions, managing clicks generated through them, calculation of commissions, timely payments are some regular tasks. To add to it, there are complications of replacing banners with expired offers, accepting new sub-affiliate requests, sending reminders to generate invoice and retaining partners through good servicing. With so much at hand, it is human to make errors which can cost the partners a great deal. We have automated a lot of routine chores through affiliate software. The software is also an excellent source of data and visual charts which help understand top performing affiliates, converting brands and high value players. The software also tracks player deposits in real time, providing complete transparency to affiliates about their earnings.

Super Marketing Support

We understand that affiliates need a robust support system to push traffic to our brand sites. And marketing tool which are plain and repetitive tend to reduce productivity. We help our affiliates refresh their banners and other support materials with new messages, attractive offers and even customised deals. From free demo games to innovative landing pages, we have created a plethora of tools with proven success.

Simple Joining Terms

If you own a platform that can re-direct players to Casino websites, we would like to welcome you to our affiliate network. We can offer you earning opportunities with best known industry terms. All you have to do is register yourself, use our marketing tools to promote our brands and earn a healthy income.

Our people managers who are the backbone of this successfully built and run affiliate programme, are amongst the best in the industry. They are known for their flexible approach and solution-centric mind sets. Please feel free to get in touch with us to understand the programme in detail. We will be happy to share case studies and references of our existing affiliates.