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We ensure that brands e-meet their target audience in a non intrusive and ROI friendly way

While the digital consumer digs the goldmine of information and entertainment on internet, he is happy to find marketing messages from his favourite brands. Some hit him hard and some befriend him. He loves some, hates some and dumps some. The challenge is to find space in his bucket of likes.

We, at Mediacle, encounter this digital consumer in our every day lives. We have invested time, energy and money to decode his demographics, psychographics and media habits.

We offer a bouquet of digital marketing services which benefit brands in a number of ways.

Media Mix

Right Media Mix

We don’t make our digital campaign recipes by simply adding a bit of everything and serving it on an excel platter. We are aware of the overlap in media vehicles and we work at maximizing exposure through select channels that serve your business niche.

Breaking Elements

Clutter Breaking Elements

We understand that digital media is a lot cheaper than its traditional counter parts, making it an attractive marketing avenue for every business. The intense competition to capture consumer’s reducing attention span can be beaten only through out-of-the-box creative solutions. We are insanely obsessed about finding newer ways to make noise and break the clutter.



There is big digital data available in many metrics. They make no sense when looked at in isolation but can tell an interesting story when the jigsaw comes together. We take clue from every data trail left by the consumer to maximize our client’s ROI. We make a seamless integration of business goals and digital campaign objectives so that our client’s see success in the market place and not just on excels.

Value for Money

Value for Money

We don’t splurge marketing budgets on channels that don’t meet our cost benchmarks. We have a library of case studies to dig upon for every client before we begin planning. Our team is every bit accountable for every penny spent on digital front.

We offer an array of digital marketing services which include:

  • Search Engine Optimization: We help you be found, naturally and consistently.
  • Pay per Click: We promote your brand on the most relevant channels in the most cost effective manner.
  • Social Media: We enter the consumer’s social circle in the most non intrusive and friendly way.
  • Viral Games & Videos: We help you spread your word exponentially through the web maze
  • Email Marketing: We help you drop your message in the consumer’s inbox without spamming.
  • Online Advertising: We splash your messages through interactive tools in the digital space.
  • Affiliate Marketing: We help you draw traffic from affiliate websites which attract your TG.
  • Mobile: We catch audiences on every screen, including mobiles.

Want to know more about our services? We are just a call away. We will be happy to hear you out and give you a digital marketing solution that is customized to meet your unique goal.

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