Our Digital Marketing Services

While the digital consumer digs the goldmine of information and entertainment on internet, he is happy to find marketing messages from his favourite brands. Some hit him hard and some befriend him. He loves some, hates some and dumps some. The challenge is to find space in his bucket of likes.We, at Mediacle, encounter this digital consumer in our every day lives. We have invested time, energy and money to decode his demographics, psychographics and media habits.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing being one of the most effective ways of maximising profits online, we aim at bringing to you well-crafted and scientific affiliate programs which helps you draw traffic and encourage in building a healthy relationship with a variety of competent gamers across the globe. Our affiliate programs are exclusively designed and highly innovative which focuses on fulfilling all the business needs and requirements that are homogeneous in nature.


Search Engine Optimisation

Content plays a very decisive role in keeping the target audience engaged and interested. Our SEO executives being experts in understanding the search habits of the target audience provide you with comprehensive tools and techniques that help you in enhancing your content with relevant keywords focusing on consumer’s vocabulary and increase site visibility. Our dynamic SEO strategies are sure to guide you through in achieving your set goals flawlessly.


Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing helps businesses in establishing their stand in the industry by magnifying their online presence. This involves the selection of appropriate keywords by taking into consideration its relevance and the competition in the market today. Paid Search Marketing is undoubtedly an efficient marketing tool which helps you in reaching out to a wider audience digitally. With effective SEO practices and experienced managers, we offer you full-fledged assistance in meeting your business targets skillfully.


Social Media Management

We discern the importance of brand voice and value and help our clients by designing compelling strategies at pocket-friendly costs which help in delivering useful information to the target audience via various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln. Our sole intent is to heighten brand loyalty by initiating dominant marketing campaigns and offer meaning insights thus helping your business prosper.


Content Marketing

“Content is King”, and so, we help you in creating persuasive content in the form of blog posts, news portals, video sites and social media networks. Remember, words have the ultimate power and if used carelessly can destroy your presence altogether. Our content team comprise of budding young talents who are well-versed and experienced in story-telling, brand voicing and creative writing. Reach out to us and take help of our experts in devising an exuberant content plan suiting all your business specifications.

Right Media Mix

We don’t make our digital campaign recipes by simply adding a bit of everything and serving it on an excel platter. We are aware of the overlap in media vehicles and we work at maximizing exposure through select channels that serve your business niche.

Clutter Breaking Elements

We understand that digital media is a lot cheaper than its traditional counter parts, making it an attractive marketing avenue for every business. The intense competition to capture consumer’s reducing attention span can be beaten only through out-of-the-box creative solutions. We are insanely obsessed about finding newer ways to make noise and break the clutter.


There is big digital data available in many metrics. They make no sense when looked at in isolation but can tell an interesting story when the jigsaw comes together. We take clue from every data trail left by the consumer to maximize our client’s ROI. We make a seamless integration of business goals and digital campaign objectives so that our client’s see success in the market place and not just on excels.

Value for Money

We don’t splurge marketing budgets on channels that don’t meet our cost benchmarks. We have a library of case studies to dig upon for every client before we begin planning. Our team is every bit accountable for every penny spent on digital front.