Our Design & Development Services

Our team constitutes of professional and high-calibre developers who are well-acquainted with the latest trend and technologies and create engaging, adept and insightful designs helping businesses grow, evolve and perform phenomenally.


Web Design & Development

A virtual identity of your business needs to breathe the same values as your offline brand elements. We create seamless designs with artistic taste and scientific UX principles. Our resources use their experience and knowledge base to create futuristic designs with ‘responsive’ technology. We go beyond what is visually appealing, to create experiences that consumers fall in love with.


ios App Development

A stunning interface and a robust backend, we create applications that truly fill in a need gap in user’s life. We have specialised teams to create platform specific iOS, Windows or Android application. Our application services include design, development, maintenance and marketing functions which help applications to live healthy and long.


Android App Development

Android application is indeed a smart way to reach out to a great number of audience worldwide as Android phones enjoy the largest market share today. We take immense pride of our development team as they strive extremely hard in offering you innovative, reliable and cost-effective strategies in building an outstanding Android app. Our focus is not just the launch as we also provide you with timely support and assistance.

Recent Work

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Less is More

A design with too many elements calling for user attention is counter productive. Instead of attracting eyeballs, it distracts the user from central idea of the website. Our designers control the urge to include every new innovation on one little webpage. The idea is not to show off. It is to optimise.

Innovation is the key

There are too many me-too websites with standard templates. We make a conscious effort to not go with the tide and think of something new everyday. The team environment is created such that new ideas blossom and there is no fatigue for thinking out of the box.

Designs need to be future ready

We like in the ‘now’ but keep our eyes on ‘next’. Creating responsive designs has become everyone’s cup of tea but how many designers go on to include wearable technology in their architecture and framework? We make ensure that clients enjoy the benefits of technological advancement and do not have to scrap old designs in favour of new.

Good designs must engage

Engaging designs are not necessarily heavy on interactive elements, games and contests. An engaging content can be a great piece of copy beautifully interspersed with relevant visuals and background, making reading a pleasure. We strive to achieve designs that don’t look, sound or talk the language of boredom.

Designs must surpass subjectivity

Great designs must not be specific to developer or owner’s taste and fancies. It must break barriers of geography, demographics and psychographics to have a mass appeal with special tilt towards its intended target audience. Thorough research at concept, design, prototype and pre-launch phases must be conducted to get consumer validation.

Our Speciality

Designing has become a common faculty with many artists capable of creating equally glamorous skins. What differentiates one designer from another? It is evolution. Designers who have embraced new technologies and new science behind dynamic, intuitive and interactive designs are here to stay. Mediacle has it’s a proprietary framework to guide design and development projects.