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Galaxy Affiliates

When two entities from similar area of work come together, there can be mutually beneficial partnerships. But they need to be nurtured with trust and loyalty on both sides. A lot of affiliate programmes falter when it comes to designing the terms of engagement and honouring them. Negotiating the terms and managing affiliates on a daily basis also becomes a daunting task. It takes experience to build a happy network which runs on favourable terms. Galaxy Affiliates offers an opportunity for Casinos and iGaming affiliates to join hands under its trusted affiliate programme.

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Excel Affiliates

There is a natural linkage between various entities on the web. Affiliate marketing helps convert digital acquaintances into symbiotic partners who help to achieve healthy business & growth for each other. Casino brands are in search of new players to boost their site performance and they find affiliate marketing as an effective tool to meet their goal at affordable costs.Excel affiliates is a popular affiliate programme that connects top performing brands with affiliates specialising in the gaming industry. It creates a win-win situation with assured returns and timely payments for both.

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