Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an art of creating stories and telling them in creative ways so that it can travel across mediums seamlessly. It is a long term strategy that helps build communities and retain their interest.


We Create And Amplify Compelling Stories

Most brands create content for campaigns and let the euphoria die down after a set period. Very few brands nurture their content strategy with continuous efforts. And that’s exactly where we see the difference between good and great brands. Consumers want to consume content in every format from blogs, news portals, video sites and social networks. Brands that fulfil this hunger with constant supply of valuable resources are rewarded with loyalties and even sales.


What Are The Services We Offer?


Good marketing of a bad product can do more damage than you can imagine. We assist brands in creating content that matches their DNA. We blend the brand’s core in truly informational resources so that the target audience walks away with the intended key message in the end. We keep the audience, their interest and life stage at the centre of content design. We believe content has 2 main components: Message and format. Both need to be married to the marketing platform to create a winning combination. Content that goes viral is usually created by stepping out of a marketing role and placing oneself into the consumer’s shoe. We create truly honest content that captures audience interest.


Good content that does not go beyond a company blog is a wasteful effort applauded only in board rooms. To be able to win consumer hearts, it needs to be marketed on the right platforms. We gauge the potential of a content piece by sampling it in closed circles and then modify it to appeal to the masses. We are experts in making content that exploits the advantages of the chosen medium.

Why Hire Mediacle?

We believe that content marketing is a vast subject that includes many specialized verticals. We have separate teams to handle different formats and different marketing platforms. Be it blogs, videos or graphical memes, we have experts in the field to deliver the best, nothing less. Likewise, we have platform specialists who know the organic as well as paid promotion methods of the given medium thoroughly well. We strongly believe that content that is non intrusive and truthful, becomes clickable and shareable. We make every piece of content such that it passes the honesty test,’ Will I share it?’

Content Marketing has been around for a while now but it has caught the fancy of marketers only lately. If used well, it can help in brand advocacy and authority building. If you are ROI focused, we can assure you that a well drafted strategy can have direct impact on sales and revenue as well. Mediacle can help sync a thoughtful strategy in your existing social media or PR effort. We can also help chart out a new content plan that suits your business needs. Get in touch with us to create content that sells.