Our Software Services

Rudimentary process of software development has undergone a sea change, thanks to the increasing complexity of technologies, platforms and domains. One client brief can be decoded and created with numerous tools.


MAP™ iGaming Affiliate Software

Attracting iGaming customers through an affiliate program is a no brainer but managing the same can be a painful task, especially if you are managing a number which is larger than what you can count on your finger tips. Successful affiliate programs are backed by multi-purpose solutions like iGaming Whitelabel Affiliate Software which automates routine chores and provides critical information in a jiffy.

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iGAP™ iGaming Aggregator Platform

Our seamless iGaming Aggregator Platform enables operators to manage games, loyalty programmes, rewards, promotional bonuses and free spins seamlessly across various verticals, content providers, live casino games and RNG – all in one place: our comprehensive back-office solution! What's more, our solution includes all the important monitoring and management tools, segmentation tools, reporting systems, payment solutions and security features necessary for a smooth iGaming operation. We can also connect you to games from top providers, such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, NYX, Scientific Games, Microgaming and many others.


TAP™ Ticketing Automation Platform

The source of queries is multiple – web, email or call. But all of them go the same low staffed, over occupied IT department which is so busy solving issues, there is no time to undertake hygiene tasks like bucketing, updating status or sending acknowledgement emails. Both users and the admin staff get caught in vicious circle of pending query status and growing frustration. A web based e-ticket system can take away the hassle of lot of routine tasks by automating them. It also frees mind space to undertake more productive tasks.

De-code Brief

It takes expertise of a seasoned developer to understand the complexity in the requirement. Very often the features required are redundant and there are duplications in the process. We spend time to ensure that the initial documentation is free of ambiguity and it all makes complete sense.

Prepare Skeleton

A documentation process called specs and architecture design is undertaken to check if the defined technologies and processes are good enough to deliver the final output. It highlights mission critical steps and possible pitfalls.


This is the execution stage which uses the skills and expertise of trained developers to make bug free and sleek codes.

Test & Document

A rigorous testing process is undertaken to fix bugs, if any and the structure of the code is put in a manual for maintenance purpose.

Training & Deployment

We install the software at client end, but not without training the users. The training in hands-on and our team assures support until months after the project is closed.

Custom Software

While we have tons of ready-to-use codes, we can build one from ground zero depending on the client requirement. A tailor made solution to fit unique business situation is our expertise and core competency. We have domain expertise on popular industry verticals and every project is benchmarked vis-à-vis competition to give solutions that are market ready.

Updated Resources

Cloud, enterprise, social, mobile or web; we have skill sets that are in line with the latest developments. We keep a tab on the technology churn through industry seminars and whitepapers. Our resources are trained on the newest platforms and are kept abreast with changing paradigms.

Global Capabilities

We have development centres on both, onshore and offshore locations to give clients the benefit of close interaction as well as optimised costs.