Customer Database Software

Every customer interaction brings with itself a set of complex functions to remember – call back, reminder on future date, set up web conference are some of the tasks we are required to undertake. And at the due date, we often find ourselves struggling to retrieve customer information to take appropriate action. The complexity increases as the database increases. If you are someone whose job role is to build and nurture relationships, you can look at simplifying life with some automations and technology solutions. Our software is one such genius innovation which eliminates all complications through storage, reminders and communications tools, all packed in one.


Why Mediacle?

CRM software is for tech savvy business owners and account managers who want to concentrate their efforts on tasks which are more productive than data mining & reporting. Mediacle’s customer database software has been designed after taking inputs from key personnel in various industry verticals. It takes into account a typical sales cycle and provides features which integrate all the necessary steps into one solution centre. It has a hassle-free step up and installation requirement that takes less than a few minutes to get you started. It can be installed on one central server and yet can be accessed by account managers spread across geographies through its web connect mode. And that is not all. It provides for easy export of important files and information in popular formats like PDF. Our confidence in the product is backed by the many testimonials from our customers. To know more about our feature filled and power packed software, get in touch with us. We run you through a demo and give you a glimpse of its benefits.

Sync Contacts

We build our complex network of relationships through many sources – social media, emails or real life. At each juncture we save the tit bits of information on outlook, phone contact list, twitter handle or any other storage point. Our CRM software helps sync data from all places into one central repository. It makes data retrieval and management super fast and improves your response time.


The software is not just a static store of data points. It is useful in storing day to day customer interactions in the form of notes and to do lists. One can get reminders on due dates for important follow on actions. Besides, one can segment consumers using popular search filters and send them well designed campaign emails on a regular basis. Needless to mention, they can be tracked and monitored as well. The software replaces many manual functions and allows users to do a lot of daily chores in ‘auto mode’.


The sales cycle is not complete without estimates, bills and payment recovery. Our software can be synced with your accounting resources to get a dashboard of customers with their billing status. When financial information is handy, quality of interaction can improve by a large extent.