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For new age marketers there is nothing fancier than creating a mobile application. And that is for the right reasons. An iOS application guarantees reaching an audience that is tech savvy and has the buying power. Businesses can find a loyal consumer base and keep tab of their usage patterns through detailed analytics. But most businesses stop at app creation and go weak with its marketing efforts. It is important to round up the efforts by fixing the all the nuts and bolts.

What are the services we offer?

Create & Publish Apps

Create & Publish Apps

The istore has more than 600 K applications and the count is still on. Most of the applications are tagged ‘Me-too’. They remain backbenchers with very little user engagement. We understand the importance of standing apart in the jungle and roaring aloud. We create sleek applications with only must-have features which bring value to the user. Our applications have latest supported technologies and have features like multi-touch, gesture control, dynamic motion effects and accelerometers.

Help Monetise Apps

Help Monetise Apps

An app which is meaningful in a consumer’s life space can be priced as low as $1 per download and yet can help you make a fortune if you have an equivalent of Angry Bird up your sleeves. We know the knack of monetising apps through in-app banners, sponsorships, micro-payments and many other tricks.

Application Marketing

Application Marketing

Experience has taught us that even the best applications need to be marketed to get to the circle of users and influencers. Featuring in the top rated applications is pure hard work. Getting genuine user reviews, listening to them, fixing bugs early on, doing hard-core analytics, localising apps, optimising it, engaging in cross promotions, undertaking push notifications and of course burning some money on paid promotions is not an exhaustive list but tops the chart.

Database Management

Database Managements

Just like any other digital tool, data comes handy with applications. You can get data about users, their usage patterns, their frequency & their loyalty to your application; all that data is worth it only if it is dissected to derive beautiful insights about user behaviour. Meaningful analytics can help make proactive changes and get better ROI.

Why hire Mediacle?

Having worked on number iOS applications we are more than confident about their success. And the secret lies in a well laid out process. We don’t rush to the drawing board. We spend time on the discovery phase which involves stakeholder meetings, target audience research and requirement gathering. We share the design specs and break the project into measurable milestones. Every phase goes through a sign off process. The cycle is not said to be complete until the app is successfully published and promoted. So, if you are looking for an agency that works on the end-to-end process, do drop us an enquiry. We will be happy to take your idea to its logical conclusion.

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