Search Engine Optimisation

If the user can’t find you, you don’t exist. Your website can be lost in the labyrinth of digital world if it is not optimised for search engines. And the art of search engine optimisation entails a detailed study of the business’s goals and the consumer’s vocabulary.


We Help You Be Found, Naturally And Consistently.

When the search engine crawls to enlist new websites in its database, it gathers information on keywords of the website. These keywords need to match your target audience’s potential search words related to your products and services. A lot of search engine professionals take this as their guiding principle and indulge in keyword stuffing or what is known as ‘black hat’ practices. What is the result? Businesses gain in the short term but end up losing ranking as well as credibility in the long run. We believe that SEO practices must be long term, consistent and definitely ethical.


What Are The Services We Offer?

Keyword Analysis

We begin with a detailed understanding of the target audience and his search habits. We use scientific tools to gather information on volume, competition and relevance of every keyword before optimally using it in the site’s content.

On Page Optimisation

We make judicious use of keywords in the site content and not go overboard with excessive stuffing. We understand that SEO practices must not compromise on the richness of website’s content. After all, a site’s content is the key to target audience retention.

Link Building

Link building is establishing connections with credible websites and thus, expanding the horizons of website’s visibility. We make a selective list of websites and create meaningful bonds with them. We don’t do blind link building in desperate attempts to increase page ranks. After all, links are like recommendation from fellow websites whose repute may have a rub off on your business.

Ethical SEO

In our pursuit to rank high in search engines, we don’t misuse the principle of search engine optimisation. We have committed ourselves to ‘white hat’ practices which help businesses make a slow yet steady progression.

Long Term Results

A constant fluctuation in the search engine page ranks is a sign of short sighted SEO practices. Mediacle managers understand the importance of hard work and persistence in creating credible links and off-page optimisation. We deliver results which are long term and consistent.

Search Engine Optimisation helps websites rank high in the popularity index of search engines. It helps you stay ahead of your competition and create a de-facto trust. Consumers look for information but don’t go beyond the first few pages of the search engines. Hence, websites need a robust SEO strategy that helps them stay ahead, built credibility and exert authority. Get in touch with our SEO professionals for an audit of your existing website or customized strategy of a new one. We help businesses achieve natural search benchmarks and continue the handwork to create new highs.