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Our Mediacle website uses cookies for improving the quality and enhancing your browsing experience. Just as we collect your personal information, we also collect information related to your Internet activity by using a cookie..

A cookie is a simple text file which is stored on your PC by the web browser to remember your browsing activity. It is basically a string of characters (an identifier) which is sent by the browser to the server, whenever you request a new webpage.

This allows the server to keep track of your browser. There are two types of cookies that are found to help your internet browsing.

Session Cookies which are valid only for that particular session, and are deleted as soon as the web browser is closed. Persistent Cookies which are stored until they are individually deleted or until they expire. Both these are needed to keep personalize your browsing experience.

  • It will allow us to keep track of your preferences and interests so that, we can help you.
  • You need not enter the personal details again, when navigating the website.
  • Enable us to measure the number of visitors to our website using Google Analytics. This free tool uses the cookie information to generate statistics and other information needed to improve our traffic.

You have the option to accept all or some of the cookies depending on the settings of your web browser. But some of the features may not work correctly if they are disabled.

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