Web Application Development


We Create Websites That Users Keep Coming Back To

Millions of websites compete for the little consumer attention, usually measured in seconds. An artistic entity is good enough to make someone stop in his online exploration but it takes much more than that to make him to stick around and even come back for more. A classic website recipe has ingredients like images, videos and lots of text interspersed on contrasting backgrounds. A flashing ‘contact us’ link and a few social media buttons glare at the visitors, hoping to get some clicks. And it works, if luck is by your side. If you are a serious business owner, you need to look at a more scientific methodology consisting of UI principles, SEO practises, analytics integration and a screen-independent responsive design.


What Are The Services We Offer?


A website that is pleasing to eyes has to be designed with more than just colours and fonts. We have proprietary methodology that takes a phased approach. We begin with logical flow, navigation structure and user friendly layouts before moving on to graphics. We also ensure that great designs don’t go wrong on UI & UX. A scientific framework to critically evaluate every element of the websites basis real feedback from users forms the backbone of our design efforts.


A rocking front-end and a robust technological backend is the mantra for successful business websites. We keep ourselves abreast with the latest coding guidelines for creating an infrastructure which is not bulky and delivers itself in seconds. Our development team has received accolades for creating future-proof websites. Mediacle’s websites are built on ‘responsive’ platforms. They can be viewed on any device without the need to create multiple versions.


A good CMS helps clients refresh their content in a hassle free way. We use platforms like WordPress & TYPO3 to give a user friendly and intuitive CMS system. Clients can manage blogs, comments and other dynamic pages on a regular basis without intervention from professionals. We deploy all development projects with complete CMS and hands-on training.


Magento, Prestashop, and WooCommerce; you name it and we have the expertise. We help businesses ride the e-commerce wave by providing backend systems that are optimised for SEO, Analytics and Reporting. Business managers can track every click and every user trail to optimise their offerings.

Why Hire Mediacle?

Creating websites from ready templates is as easy as searching for ‘free website’ on the Google search bar. Why would you engage professionals like us for this task? We can give Midas touch to a brilliant design. Your website will be nothing less than an offline store with a pleasing salesperson welcoming customers. It will invite the e-customer and not let him get lost in the web of links. He will walk through the aisles of products and check out with a smile. Is it sounding like exaggeration? We are just a call away. We will be happy to take you through our portfolio and USPs.