Video Production Services

Great videos don’t tell what the producers want to sell but showcase what the consumers want to see. They are filmed twice – once in the creator’s mind and once in his camera. A well conceptualised idea is half job done. The other half is taken care of by skilled technicians and best-in-class equipment.


Motion Graphics

Mediacle has studied the motion graphics technology in great detail and has produced some of the best work in the industry. Whether it is corporate video or a Hollywood film, we have the ability to execute clean & professional computer generated imagery. We have a specialised division working in this field.


3d Animation

3D Animation & Modelling is achieved through a process called rigging. It is nothing but creation of digital wire-frames using set algorithms. The skeleton acts as a structure of the object. They give an output so real that it is often difficult to point out if the visual being is shown is shot using cameras or is created using modelling software. It is most frequently used in movies to show action scenes or imaginary motions. We love this art form which combines the traditional sketching skills with modern computer animation.


Game Studio

No matter how intelligent a game is its success depends on whether or not it is accepted by the masses. The likeability of games is so subjective that a game development project needs to be necessarily preceded by large scale research of target audience. For instance, a casino player’s psychology works such that games giving windfall money get default acceptance. Similarly luck based games clearly win over memory based witty games. Gaming concept works on principles of simplicity of rules and consistent feedback to the player on his performance. Our game studio specialises in innovative games that pass the clutter breaking test hands down. We specialise in designing concepts for casino audience, looking for new excitement.

Recent Videos

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A good video has considerable amount of time invested in the planning stages discussing nitty-gritty of the project, from costumes to location. We have the capability to work on client briefs, think of creative campaign ideas, develop them, convert them into compelling scripts, storyboard it with details, find appropriate locations, scout for right talents and work out permissions.


We have an in-house team to execute every aspect of a commercial video. Whether it is an ad film or CEO’s interview for internal circulation, we have the wherewithal to give best quality output at extremely affordable rates. From product demos to game launch videos, we can execute projects of every scale with the help of talented crew managers, state-of-art equipment and super production values.

Post Production

The final touch up is the most important aspect of video production. We work on all the leading software from Adobe Premiere to Maya. We ensure that all videos get a professional look and feel through fine editing, colour correction, animation, mixing and other such services. We have tied up with leading studios to give you nothing but best-in-class videos at record speeds.

Corporate Videos

An organisation can choose our interview, profiling, research or demo video services to propagate company’s vision or latest innovations to its both audiences, internal & external.

Marketing Projects

We can handle everything from concept design to post production of new product films. As far as formats go, we can give high resolution TV commercial as well as short social media videos. We are famed for creating short virals for the digital world.

Entertainment Sector

We have a good base of clients belonging to the world of media and broadcasting. We help our friends in this sector shoot live events, record documentaries and release real life films.