Social Media Management

The latest marketing tool, SMM allows brands to enter the private circle of consumers. They converse, complain, celebrate and chat, just like friends. Brands don’t deliver advertisement messages


We Make Friends And Promise To Not Spam Their Social Network

They discuss brand’s core values and philosophies and add elements of humour and entertainment. But very often, brands cross the thin line. They begin to spam consumers with unwanted information and promotions. It is important to work towards a happy marriage and not let conversations turn into monologues. Social Media helps brands achieve endorsements, references and virality of messages at relatively low cost.


What Are The Services We Offer?


We do a quick scan of the ecosystem using proprietary listening tools to ascertain the noise in your category. Competition activity is closely monitored and tracked to understand the available differentiated space. Next, we deep dive into the brand’s core values to design the brand’s social personality and tonality. We pre-define activity calendars which help achieve consistence across social media.


Every social network, be it Facebook, Twitter or some other platform, has its own DNA. While twitter may accept news, Facebook users will look for more entertainment. We help design a unique strategy for every network. The dialogues are then closely monitored and tweaked based on consumer acceptance or backslash. Further, we read deep into the conversations to arrive at meaningful insights for brands to improve upon their marketing mix.

Reporting & ROI

We help convert conversations into measurable metrics. Some metrics give simple engagement scores while some trace back social activities to offline sales. We believe it is easy to build fans; it is difficult to grow close knit communities. We use analytics to press the refresh button whenever necessary and add new flavours to community activities. We design customized scoreboards for every brand and track the performance on a regular basis.

Why Hire Mediacle?

Consumers welcome brands in their social circles but they expect them to follow unspoken rules of privacy and respect. Mediacle managers are well verse with the dos and don’ts. They have mastered the art of packaging brand messages into beautiful conversations that keep communities engaged and entertained. Also, Mediacle does not believe in building communities without linking its activities to brand’s ROI. All social media efforts are aimed at acquiring new consumers and building strong loyalties. Lastly, managing campaigns with optimized costs is our forte. We specialize in creating sharply targeted campaigns and back it up with close tab on cost of new members. We deploy unique retention strategies to lower acquisition costs.

Social Media Management is the most unique and informal way of engaging with a brand’s target audience. It employs soft selling tactics while delivering truthful information nuggets for the benefit of its target audience. Mediacle puts together a rock solid social media strategy with its pillars strongly founded in ‘real, good content’. To know more about effortless and viral social messaging tips, get in touch with our social media management experts.