Affiliate Marketing

We have spent 3 decades understanding the nuances of a successful affiliate program. We will be happy to shed light on few tricks of the trade.If you think the design and management of affiliate programs is best left to experts while you concentrate on running your business, choose from one of the below services and we can connect over a mug of beer.


We Facilitate A Beautiful Quid Pro Quo Arrangement Between The Merchant And The Affiliate

The World Wide Web is a mesh of sites co-existing through a symbiotic relationship. Affiliate marketing connects businesses with similar niche audiences and directs traffic from one site to another in exchange for a ‘performance linked pay’. Err. Think we used too much of jargon here? Simply put, if you are an owner of an online casino, you need to draw traffic from sites that attract gamers. So you invite such sites to sign up for your affiliate program and promise to incentivize them for every visitor re-directed to your site. Voila! It sounds pretty simple now. But the shocking fact is that very few affiliate programs succeed.


What We Offer ?

Specialized Verticals

A lot of traffic but an untargeted one can hurt your ROI. Choose an affiliate partner which caters to your niche. Mediacle manages affiliate programs for 15 igaming brands and is second to none when it comes to attracting players, retaining them and increasing their lifetime value.

People Managers

A well designed and scientific affiliate program which looks great on paper can fizzle out in practice if the affiliates are not managed well. Mediacle has managers who are well respected in the affiliate community. They work towards nurturing relationships on a day to day basis.

Symbiotic Design

One size fit all’ policy will work against your interest. A program needs to be tailor made to suit the interests of both, the merchant and the affiliate. Mediacle’s commercial savvy team negotiates the best deal ensuring a win-win relationship between merchant and affiliate.


If you need assistance to kick off your program with recruitment of established affiliates, we can help negotiate the terms and hand hold your team till the program starts to sail smoothly.


We can help lay the foundations of your affiliate program through carefully selected elements that work in your interest. Fixed fee model to lead based system, we have hands-on experience on all affiliate program designs.


If you have an existing program that needs hands and legs to do the handwork of day-to-day affiliate management, we can offer skilled managers who know this trade best.

Still Wondering Why Mediacle?

We are one of the few pioneers who specialize in executing out-of-the-box innovative affiliate program designs that are industry firsts. Our services are best-in-class and yet they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Lastly, we believe business terms are not etched in stone. We are flexible and measure our business success through our client’s happiness quotient.